The screen door that's only there when you need it!  
Secret Screen pull-down screen doors have many names:  hidden screen door, invisible screen door, retractable screen door, roll-up screen door.
Affordable, Effective, and Easy to Install

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Secret Screen's hidden screen doors pull down from a small housing above eye level, leaving your doorway completely unobstructed and your front door fully visible
Made to fit your doorway perfectly
from only
plus shipping
choose from a variety of covers (valances) to match the trim on your house
available for door widths from 26 to 43 inches, down to the nearest 1/4 inch
durable & weatherproof aluminum construction
Easy everyday use:
open the pull-down retractable screen door effortlessly by pushing down on the bottom bar handle with your foot, no need to bend over
clutch system limits how fast Secret Screen hidden screen door rolls up, so that it retracts smoothly and safely
the speed and tension of the roll up action of Secret Screen roll-up screen door is easily adjustable
Installs in 4 simple steps:
only requires 4 wood screws for installation into your doorframe, compared to 15 or more for standard screen doors
we ship your retractable screen door pre-built for your door, no cutting or measuring required at installation
Now available for double doors! (also known as French doors)   ...and for the same great price! Click here for more information
When screen doors are out of season, merely press tabs on the mounting clips to quickly remove the housing and store it until next season
Choose your screen material:
more discreet all charcoal colored material for low traffic doorways
white and charcoal vertically striped screen material makes Secret Screen pull-down retractable screen doors more visible in deployed position, preventing dreaded screen door collisions
Watch the Videos!

Watch the demonstration video!

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Pull-Down Hidden Screen Door in Open Position

Pull-Down Invisible Screen Door in Closed Position

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Secret Screen pull-down screen doors have many names:
retractable screen door, invisible screen door, hidden screen door, roll up screen door.